I Cannot Express How Important This Is: Today I Got My First Haircut

I simply do not know how to describe this, but after 39 years of living on Earth, today I came across this thing called a “haircut.” And apparently everyone gets one?


My life came to an unexpected halt today when I discovered a new storefront near my residence. The sign out front read “GreatClips”, but I did not know, what is this “GreatClips”? And why is it so “great”? Naturally, I walked through the front door to ask for an explanation.


When I entered the institution, I found myself subjected to a well lit room with otherwise mediocre laminate flooring. Their Yelp review was not looking good. But then something incredible caught my eye. On closer inspection, I realized that this was not laminate flooring, this was fine Oak! The true sign of an esteemed establishment.


It’s safe to say that I was immediately impressed!


A receptionist greeted me at the front desk, which was familiar to other local enterprises. When he asked if I had made an online reservation, I apologized and said that I had already eaten. How foolish of me, thinking this fine institution was an eatery! His laughter felt earned, but when he suggested a haircut instead, I just had to know: “What is that?”


The receptionist’s nonchalant response left me shaken: “Well, it’s when we cut your hair.”


Then he showed me The book; the GreatClips portfolio. At first I felt scared, I had never let anyone touch my hair before. But when I saw the faces of those whose hair they’d cut before me, they all looked happy and okay. It really put me at ease. I was glad they had the book!


Feeling the excitement of the situation, I chose the style labelled ‘Business Casual.’ I was really leaping out of my comfort zone! The receptionist sat me down in a plush seat, but then surprised me when he started the trim job himself. I couldn’t believe it; this unassuming receptionist was actually a multi-talented master of his craft!


While this may have been my first haircut, it most certainly will not be my last! Now that I know what can be done with the up top, I’m curious to see what GreatClips can do with the down low.


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