“Best Boy”: 5 Roles In Film Credits And What They Really Mean

Have you ever seen a job title in film credits and wondered what it meant? Well here are 5 of the most mysterious roles in films and what they really mean:
Every film-set needs its dunce, and the Gaffer is it. This person makes all the mistakes so others don’t have to. Films are all about precision, so the Gaffer’s job is to see a gaffe just waiting to happen and jump on it before someone else does. This person will most certainly die quickly so film-sets make sure to have multiple Gaffers in supply.
Boom Operator
This is the professional who makes the booms go big. They are explosion aficionados and can operate booms of any nature and size. They are the vibrations you feel rise up your buttocks and spread goosebumps across your arms whenever a boom goes real loud. It takes a lot of chops to be a Boom Operator. The big boom-booms come from their gigantic flared nostrils!
Foley Artist
Believe it or not, all films keep an impeccable Mick Foley impressionist on deck for security circumstances. If a Director is having a tough time with talent or staff, they’ll just call up the multi-talented Foley Artist and accompanying Mr. Socko to inspire fear into the hearts of wrongdoers. The Foley Artist is acutely aware of film-set law and is instrumental in maintaining order.
Key Grip
You’ve probably heard of the key master at party events, but did you know that film-sets have one of their own? The interesting thing about the Key Grip is that they keep a tight grasp on everyone’s keys and out of the hands of the murderous Hollywood leprechaun named Erskine. Many Hollywood elites have perished at the hands of the malevolent Erskine after he has stolen their keys, including Brad Pitt. The Key Grip is their one true defense.
Best Boy
This is a film role that goes all the way back to the early days of cinema. In fact before he was an actor, Robert DeNiro was one of the greatest Best Boys on Earth. Children were banned from film-sets back in the day for becoming addicted to smack too easily, so filmmakers created this very good boy to be everyone’s perfect work child. They are almost always a pre-pubescent virgin teenager and serve to humanize the otherwise satanic act of filmmaking!

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