My Top 5 Favorite Bridges Pretty Much Just Off The Top Of My Head

Bridges are a major milestone for public transportation, so I put together this list of my top 5 favorite Bridges that pretty much first came to mind.


The Bridge By My House


This bridge is near and dear to me because it is so close by. Every time I see it or cross over it, I am assured that home is not too far away. I have had many memories on this bridge, and a few memories beneath it. Most of them are from great times with Susie. I love and miss Susie. But she loves another man. This Bridge may be my favorite.


The Golden Gate Bridge


I have only seen this bridge once, and it was in a movie. It is the most glorious bridge of all but also the biggest deception, because it is not golden and there is no gate. It is red and it is a bridge. I like to imagine what it must be like to travel across a bridge as grand as this one. Every bridge is a spiritual journey, could this be the one that leads me back to Susie?


The Game Bridge


I have never played Bridge because it is for gambling addicted seniors. I am sure that if I played Bridge I would love it and instantly become as addicted to gambling and hallucinogenic drugs as my grandparents. You must be careful with the game Bridge, it is the gateway drug and will murder you to death. It is not a favorite, it is a warning. I am so sorry, Susie.


Transdimensional Bridges


Transdimensional Bridges are just like every other Bridge. There is nothing wrong with them. I am pro-Transdimensional Bridges. They have rights too. Please put yourself in their shoes, and treat these Bridges with the respect and dignity you afford to other Bridges. I love them, but I know that not even a Transdimensional Bridge can bring me back to my dear Susie.


Jeff Bridges


The original Bridge. Jeff Bridges is not only a classic, but he is the most talented Bridge on Earth. He has stood the test of time and there is no other Bridge that can defeat him, for his mighty bowling balls would knock them to the ground. It is well known that when Jeff is not being a talented Bridge, he is God and still very talented. Susie loves Jeff Bridges, for he is the best Bridge of all.


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